Friday, February 6, 2009


Raw rice-1 cup
kerala rice or matta rice-1/3 cup
urad daal-1/3 cup

Idly and Sambhar is always my favourite..I and S can go on eating idlies..Once a week or may be twice i make idly for breakfast.Steaming hot idlies with sambhar or chutney or kadal curry or cherupayaru curry or even chickencurry..Have tried lots of combinations..And everything has conquered my toungue..
Soak rice and urad daal in water seperately for 6-8 hours.Then grind urad daal first to as fine paste as u can..Usually it will come out good, if u grind in stone grinder.U can see it increasing in volume as u grind.But in normal mixie this wont happen.But still try to make it very fine paste.Then grind rice.Mix together nicely.Add water as needed.Keep it for fermenting for may be 8 hours.I usually grind it at night and make it the next day morning.AFter fermenting add salt and again mix it.Grease the idly stand with oil.pour the batter.Steam it in gentle simmer flame for around 12-14 minutes.
Serve the soft idlies..

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