Monday, March 9, 2015

Mathi mulakilittathu

Mathi or chala(sardine) is  always a mallus here goes a new recipe which is easy tasty and can be done in just ten minutes...a quick and simple dish ...
So here is the way I did it...
First take a pan.Pour  1 tablespoon coconut oil..Put finely chopped one big onion.Keep the flame on the lowest..
Then I went to wash my fish(500 grams)..Clean it thoroughly..Wash your hands properly.OK back to cooking...
Just stir the onions once...It should be light brown in color.Next put the fish(I didn't cut the is up to you).Put half teaspoon turmeric powder,2 full teaspoon chilli powder and one big lemon size ball of tamarind extracted juice (and I mean a big sized tamarind..for me it tastes good when its more sour)

Just mix it carefully without disturbing the fish much.close the lid.
After five minutes put 4 to 5 small garlic pods crushed to it..
Put 1 spoon cumin seeds..
Put 2 tablespoon freshly ground coconut.
Put a strand of curry leaves and close the lid and cook till fish is done..
Serve after some time...
Spicy tangy mathi mulakilittathu is ready and the best part is that it can be done very fast....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet n Sour Mango Curry

Mangoes are always my favourite.Especially raw mangoes.Love them with salt and chilli mouth is watering now.Recently when i went to Indian grocery shop i saw mangoes.I couldnt stop myself...Who can say no to mango..Bought it and came back home.
While my hus and my kid were waiting i bought a plate full of cut mangoes.Immediately each of us had one in our mouth..Oh its sour....u should watch my daughters expression..My husband was not happy about the sourness.He always loved ripe mangoes.But u know what? I was more happier by its sour taste..Finally I myself completed the whole plate with salt and chilli powder..
I enjoyed eating every bit of it..
Still so many uncut mangoes were remaining.My husband suggested to make some curry with those remaining mangoes..So that he can also eat..
So the next day mango was in my pan on the stove..
This is a curry with sweet and sour mango.My mother in law used to make this curry.But i made some variations to it.Here is the recipe..

1.Clean and peal the skin of 2 mango.Cut into square piece aroud 2 inch..or whatever shape u prefer..but dont make it too small..
2.Boil cut mangoes with enough salt, 1/2 Tsp chilli powder, 1/4 Tsp turmeric powder, 1- 1/2 cups of water(adjust accordingly).
3.This will take very less time may be a couple of minutes..We dont want it very soft and mushy..
4.Put some grated jaggery.I added around 1 Tsp.This gives a very good twist to the sourness.
5.Take a kadai.Heat some oil.
6.Put some mustard seeds and a pinch of hing powder to it.
7.Add 1/2 finely chopped onions and 4-5 curry leaves to it.
8.As soon as the onions are very much transparent add this to the mango gravy.
9.Hmmm...Your sweet n sour mango curry is ready.
Have this with boiled rice.I had this with boiled rice and cheera varavu(this is actually thoran or stir fry something like that.In northern side of Kerala this is called varavu)..This is one of the most comforting lunch for me..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

!!Green Green Green!!

Green is a color which always look fresh and healthy for me..Spring is here..In front of my apartment there are grasses with a bright green color..looks fresh..feels so fresh..So why dont we make something so green ,so healthy so tasty..
This is snowpeas and sprouted green gram upperi .



Sprouted green gram -1 cup

snow peas-2 cups

coconut grated-2 tbsp

garlic crushed-3 cloves

Dry red chilli-2

mutard seeds-1 tsp

salt as needed


1.Cut snow peas very finely.

2.Take a pan and heat oil.

3.Put mustard seeds.

4.when mustard seeds pops add garlic crushed and red chillies.Make sure not to burn garlic

5.Add the snow peas and salt.

6.Let it cook .When it is almost done add green gram and give it a toss.Green gram do not need much cooking.It will taste good if it is little crunchy..

7.Add coconut.mix everrything properly..

8.U are ready to say Green Green Green...

This is my entry to My Legume Love Affair and linking to
Susan's The Well Seasoned Cook.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ariyum Kadalayum(Black chana Rice)

This is from our breakfast menu.Dont know if any one other than a few families in north kerala makes this for breakfast.Any way my family enjoys having this with boiled egg or boiled banana or even spicy mixture.

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Be ready with
White rice(basmathi preferrable)-1 cup
Black chana -1/2 cup
coconut grated-2 Tbsp
mustard seeds- 1tsp
curry leaves-5-6 leaves
red chilli-1

1.Cook black chana in a pressure cooker.
2.In the same water used for cooking chana,cook rice according to which type of rice you are using.For 1 cup basmati rice 1-1/2 cup water is enough.After it get boiled cook it for 10 minutes in gentle simmer.Then switch of the flame and keep it covered for 5 minutes.U can add chana along with this.Dont forget to add salt.
3.After rice and chana is done add coconut and mix well.
4.In a kadai,take some oil and put mustard seeds.After seeds splutter add redchilli and curry leaves.
5.Pour this over rice and chana.
Ur food is ready to eat..
This recipe is my entry to Single serving recipes by Sahaja of My Experiments in kitchen and CFK-Rice by Trupti and Sharmi of Naivedyam.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chicken sukka

My in laws were born and brought up in kerala karnataka border.So they have a mixed culture of both kerala and karanataka.The same is in there cooking too.This recipe is their version of karnatakas chikken sukka.This is very easy to make but at the same time filled with the aroma of coconut and spices.

Chicken - 1.5 kg
coconut shredded- 1.5 cup
red chilli powder-3 Tsp
corianderpowder-2.5 Tsp
turmeric powder-0.5 Tsp
Cumin seeds-1 Tbsp
Garlic chopped-1 Tbsp
Onion -1
mustard seeds-1 TSp
fenugreek seeds-1/2 Tsp
curryleaves-1 string
Oil- 2 Tbsp

Clean the chicken . Mix it with chilli powder, coriander powder , turmeric powder nad salt and heat it in a pan.When the chicken is half done put garlic chopped,cumin seeds,3/4 cup of coconut shredded and continue heating.
In the mean time fry the remmaining coconut powder in a nonstick pan till golden brown.When chicken is done, take a kadai.Heat some oil.Put mustard seeds ,fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.After spluttering add chopped onion.Fry till golden brown.
Put the onion mixture and fried coocnut over the prepared chicken..
Ur chicken with coconut is ready.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tomato onion chutney

This is one of my favourite chutney which goes well with rava dosa, ada dosa,urad doas..any dosas.Its spicy and tangy taste can always win anyones heart..
Onion -1/2
Green chilli-1-2
Tamarind-a small ball
Oil- 1 Tsp
Salt as needed

Heat oil in a pan.Add onions.Saute it till tranparent.Add tomatos and chilli( u can increase the number of green chilli according to ur desire).Saute it again.Till it becomes mushy.Then allow it to cool.
Grind the paste along with tamarind and salt.
Ur easy and tasty tomato onion chutney is ready

Ada dosa

This is a a variety dosa recipe which can be made without fermenting.This goes well with tomato chutney or coconut chutney.And its nutritious too ..
Here goes the recipe..

1 cup-raw rice
1 cup-kerala rice(matta rice)
1/3 cup-toor daal
1/3 cup-chana daal(kadala parippu)
red chilli-1 or 2
Hing powder-1 pinch
curry leaves - 1 string
salt and water as needed

Soak raw rice,kerala rice, toor daal and chana daal in water overnight.
Next day grind rice and daal with chilli,curry leaves and hing.
U dont need to make it very fine should be slightly grainy.
Add more water than we add for normal dosa.But the batter should not flow when we pour on the pan.
Add salt and mix it well.
It will be good if we use sesame oil for making this dosa.But i use canola oil.
So grease the pan.Pour the batter.Close the lid.wait for it to be cooked..
ur hot tasty and nutritious ada dosa is ready..