Friday, February 27, 2009

Tomato onion chutney

This is one of my favourite chutney which goes well with rava dosa, ada dosa,urad doas..any dosas.Its spicy and tangy taste can always win anyones heart..
Onion -1/2
Green chilli-1-2
Tamarind-a small ball
Oil- 1 Tsp
Salt as needed

Heat oil in a pan.Add onions.Saute it till tranparent.Add tomatos and chilli( u can increase the number of green chilli according to ur desire).Saute it again.Till it becomes mushy.Then allow it to cool.
Grind the paste along with tamarind and salt.
Ur easy and tasty tomato onion chutney is ready

Ada dosa

This is a a variety dosa recipe which can be made without fermenting.This goes well with tomato chutney or coconut chutney.And its nutritious too ..
Here goes the recipe..

1 cup-raw rice
1 cup-kerala rice(matta rice)
1/3 cup-toor daal
1/3 cup-chana daal(kadala parippu)
red chilli-1 or 2
Hing powder-1 pinch
curry leaves - 1 string
salt and water as needed

Soak raw rice,kerala rice, toor daal and chana daal in water overnight.
Next day grind rice and daal with chilli,curry leaves and hing.
U dont need to make it very fine should be slightly grainy.
Add more water than we add for normal dosa.But the batter should not flow when we pour on the pan.
Add salt and mix it well.
It will be good if we use sesame oil for making this dosa.But i use canola oil.
So grease the pan.Pour the batter.Close the lid.wait for it to be cooked..
ur hot tasty and nutritious ada dosa is ready..

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is one of our favourite breakfast item.
Rice powder-1 cup
water-1 1/4(one and a quarter cup)
salt-as needed
1.Boil water with salt
2.Take rice powder in a bowl and add the oil.
3.Pour the boiling water over the powder and mix well.
4.Using the Idiyappam press, press the batter into strings on a greased idly pan.
5.Put some coocnut over each idiyappam.
6.Steam it for 10 minutes.
Enjoy ur hot idiyappam with potato or chicken stew..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Raw mango curry

Mango -1
Green chilli-1
Hing(asfoetida)- 1or2-pinch
mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
coriander leaves-1-2 Tbsp
1.Cook raw mango and chilli nicely with salt and enough water.
2.Mash the cooked mango and chilli nicely so that no chunks shud be there.And nu can remove the skin if u dont like its taste.Adjust the consistency accordingly by adding water.
3.Put the chopped raw onion and coriander leaves into this.
3.Heat oil in a kadhai.Splutter some mustard seeds and hing.
4.pour this over the mango curry.
Have the tangy mango curry with hot rice..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Black eyed beans curry

This is a quick fix curry for working ladies.So easy to make and tasty too.

1. Soak 2 cups of blackeyed beans for about 4 hours.
2. Pressure cook it. After its done add 1 tomato chopped and boil it till tomatoes are cooked.
3. In a kadhai, heat 1 TBsp of oil.SPlutter some mustard seeds, 1 TBsp urad daal and some curry leaves.
4. Add 1 TBsp coriander powder, 1/2 Tsp turmeric powder, 1 Tsp chilli powder. Be careful not to burn the powders. The flame should be very very low.
5. Mix everything together and u will have a good and easy curry for chappathi or rice.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Rice-3/4 cup
Tuvar daal-1/2 cup
Ghee-1 Tbsp
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Pepper powder-1/4 tsp
curry leaves.
Pressure cook washed rice,daal and around 5 cups of water.It should be in a mashed consistency.Then heat ghee in a kadai.Add cumin seeds, pepper powder,curry leaves.Let it splutter and pour this over the daal rice mixture.Add salt.
Eat it piping hot with coconut chutney or any spicy mixture for ur breakfast..U will feel so fresh to have a nice day.

Idly kaduku varuthathu.

Whenever my mom cooks idly for breakfast she will make some extra and when me and my brother come home from school ,my mom give us this dish.There is no need of curry for this and still its tasty.
Leftover Idly- 4 or 5
mustard seeds-1 tsp
urad daal-1 tsp
Curry leaves
red chilly-1
Heat oil in a nonstick pan.Add the mustard seeds and urad daal.After that add red chill and curry leaves.Finally add square cut pieces of idly.Mix it well and eat it.
u can add little salt if necessary.


Raw rice-1 cup
kerala rice or matta rice-1/3 cup
urad daal-1/3 cup

Idly and Sambhar is always my favourite..I and S can go on eating idlies..Once a week or may be twice i make idly for breakfast.Steaming hot idlies with sambhar or chutney or kadal curry or cherupayaru curry or even chickencurry..Have tried lots of combinations..And everything has conquered my toungue..
Soak rice and urad daal in water seperately for 6-8 hours.Then grind urad daal first to as fine paste as u can..Usually it will come out good, if u grind in stone grinder.U can see it increasing in volume as u grind.But in normal mixie this wont happen.But still try to make it very fine paste.Then grind rice.Mix together nicely.Add water as needed.Keep it for fermenting for may be 8 hours.I usually grind it at night and make it the next day morning.AFter fermenting add salt and again mix it.Grease the idly stand with oil.pour the batter.Steam it in gentle simmer flame for around 12-14 minutes.
Serve the soft idlies..

Spicy Chicken Masala

Chicken-1.5 Kilos
oil-3-4 Tbsp
cinnamon-1 inch
bay leaf-1
onion-3 medium
Ginger garlic paste-2 tbsp
coriander powder-2tbsp
chilly powder-2 Tsp
pepper powder-1 tsp
turmeric powder-.5 tsp
Meat masala powder-2 TBsp
curryleaves-as u wish

Heat oil in a pan.Add cinnamon,cardomom,cloves and bay leaf.Add the sliced onions.
Saute it till transparent.Add GG paste.saute it till oil oozes out.
Add coriander powder,chilly powder,pepper powder,meat masala.Saute it till raw smell goes.Then add chicken and mix it well.Close the lid of the pan and let it boil for 15minutes.Dont add any water.Then mix it again and boil it for another 15 minutes or till the water reduces without the lid.I like the consistency to be very thick paste like.After that splutter some mustard seeds and lot of curryleaves in another pan and mix everything together.At this moment ur house will smell like heaven..Ur curry is ready to eat..