Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet n Sour Mango Curry

Mangoes are always my favourite.Especially raw mangoes.Love them with salt and chilli powder.Hmm..my mouth is watering now.Recently when i went to Indian grocery shop i saw mangoes.I couldnt stop myself...Who can say no to mango..Bought it and came back home.
While my hus and my kid were waiting i bought a plate full of cut mangoes.Immediately each of us had one in our mouth..Oh its sour....u should watch my daughters expression..My husband was not happy about the sourness.He always loved ripe mangoes.But u know what? I was more happier by its sour taste..Finally I myself completed the whole plate with salt and chilli powder..
I enjoyed eating every bit of it..
Still so many uncut mangoes were remaining.My husband suggested to make some curry with those remaining mangoes..So that he can also eat..
So the next day mango was in my pan on the stove..
This is a curry with sweet and sour mango.My mother in law used to make this curry.But i made some variations to it.Here is the recipe..

1.Clean and peal the skin of 2 mango.Cut into square piece aroud 2 inch..or whatever shape u prefer..but dont make it too small..
2.Boil cut mangoes with enough salt, 1/2 Tsp chilli powder, 1/4 Tsp turmeric powder, 1- 1/2 cups of water(adjust accordingly).
3.This will take very less time may be a couple of minutes..We dont want it very soft and mushy..
4.Put some grated jaggery.I added around 1 Tsp.This gives a very good twist to the sourness.
5.Take a kadai.Heat some oil.
6.Put some mustard seeds and a pinch of hing powder to it.
7.Add 1/2 finely chopped onions and 4-5 curry leaves to it.
8.As soon as the onions are very much transparent add this to the mango gravy.
9.Hmmm...Your sweet n sour mango curry is ready.
Have this with boiled rice.I had this with boiled rice and cheera varavu(this is actually thoran or stir fry something like that.In northern side of Kerala this is called varavu)..This is one of the most comforting lunch for me..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

!!Green Green Green!!

Green is a color which always look fresh and healthy for me..Spring is here..In front of my apartment there are grasses with a bright green color..looks fresh..feels so fresh..So why dont we make something so green ,so healthy so tasty..
This is snowpeas and sprouted green gram upperi .



Sprouted green gram -1 cup

snow peas-2 cups

coconut grated-2 tbsp

garlic crushed-3 cloves

Dry red chilli-2

mutard seeds-1 tsp

salt as needed


1.Cut snow peas very finely.

2.Take a pan and heat oil.

3.Put mustard seeds.

4.when mustard seeds pops add garlic crushed and red chillies.Make sure not to burn garlic

5.Add the snow peas and salt.

6.Let it cook .When it is almost done add green gram and give it a toss.Green gram do not need much cooking.It will taste good if it is little crunchy..

7.Add coconut.mix everrything properly..

8.U are ready to say Green Green Green...

This is my entry to My Legume Love Affair and linking to
Susan's The Well Seasoned Cook.