Monday, March 9, 2015

Mathi mulakilittathu

Mathi or chala(sardine) is  always a mallus here goes a new recipe which is easy tasty and can be done in just ten minutes...a quick and simple dish ...
So here is the way I did it...
First take a pan.Pour  1 tablespoon coconut oil..Put finely chopped one big onion.Keep the flame on the lowest..
Then I went to wash my fish(500 grams)..Clean it thoroughly..Wash your hands properly.OK back to cooking...
Just stir the onions once...It should be light brown in color.Next put the fish(I didn't cut the is up to you).Put half teaspoon turmeric powder,2 full teaspoon chilli powder and one big lemon size ball of tamarind extracted juice (and I mean a big sized tamarind..for me it tastes good when its more sour)

Just mix it carefully without disturbing the fish much.close the lid.
After five minutes put 4 to 5 small garlic pods crushed to it..
Put 1 spoon cumin seeds..
Put 2 tablespoon freshly ground coconut.
Put a strand of curry leaves and close the lid and cook till fish is done..
Serve after some time...
Spicy tangy mathi mulakilittathu is ready and the best part is that it can be done very fast....

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